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dalmation sniffing air

Dogs’ Sense of Smell, A Vet Explains (2024)

Last Updated on 18 hours by Dr. Shannon Barrett Have you ever wondered how your dog knows when it’s you walking up to the door, even before you turn the key? Dogs have an incredibly powerful sense of smell, capable of detecting odors we can’t even begin to imagine. Key Takeaways Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell, far exceeding that of humans. Their sense of smell is their main sense, allowing them to gather

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black and white dog running in rented yard

Sniffspot offers private dog park rentals for traveling pets | Vets sniff it out (2024)

Last Updated on 2 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett Traveling with your dog can be a lot of fun. There’s no guilt about leaving your furry family member behind and the joy of having them beside you for adventures. However, only some places you stay have an ideal backyard for your dog. And finding a local dog park can be difficult. Assuming your canine companion plays well with others. As a veterinarian, I am not

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border collie panting in lawn

Unveiling the Secrets of Border Collies: What Vets Want You to Know

Last Updated on 2 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett We’ve all seen the adorable black and white Border Collie helping herd sheep on TV.   Perhaps your neighbor has one, and you thought, “Maybe a Border Collie would be a great fit for me?” As a vet, there are certain things we think about when an owner asks us about Border Collies. Although each dog is unique, they share some fundamental characteristics.   Let’s dive into what

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Dog and cat looking at each other

Dog And Cat Vision: Who Sees Better? Are they Colorblind? A Vet Explains (2023)

Last Updated on 2 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett Ever wondered why your furry friends react differently to their surroundings? You’re not alone. As a veterinarian, I am often asked if dogs are colorblind or if cats can see in the dark. These are common questions we have as pet owners. Ready to peek into your pet’s perspective? Let’s “see” through their eyes! The Unique Characteristics of Cat Vision A significant component responsible for a cat’s

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