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woman giving healthy dog treat to dog

What are the healthiest dog treats, according to veterinarians?

Last Updated on 2 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett If you want to give your dog healthy treats without the guilt,  we’ve compiled 18 Vet approved options.  These can be divided into homemade and commercial dog treats. Homemade Dog Treats That Are Healthy Many pets want the action of being given a treat instead of the treat itself. Therefore, if you act like green bean is a delicious food, your pet is more likely to

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a cat sitting on a window sill

Best Window Bird Feeders For Cats, Vet’s Top Choices

Last Updated on 2 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett In the grand arena of cat entertainment, window bird feeders are like Netflix subscriptions with feathers. A window bird feeder keeps your cat entertained and mentally engaged, making it a fun way to connect them with nature. Here are my top pics for the best window bird feeder for cats: Features of Window Bird Feeders for Cats 1. Homebird Window Bird Feeder Best Overall Bird Feeder

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white and black cat on green grass field

13 Best Toys for Cats That Like to Hunt: Vet Reviewed

Last Updated on 2 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett Cats are natural hunters, driven by instinct to chase and pounce. To keep your indoor cat stimulated and engaged, it’s essential to provide them with toys that mimic their natural predatory behaviors. Here are our Top 13 Toys for Cats that like to hunt: Your indoor cat’s natural hunting instincts can be nurtured and entertained with the right toys. Toys that mimic prey movements provide mental

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gray kitten sitting on floor

How to Pick the Best Toys for Cats: Vet Tips 2024

Last Updated on 2 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett Anyone that has watched their cat pounce on a plastic bag knows they have a hunting instinct. As a veterinarian, I am often asked which cat toys are best? How do you decide? Here is my assessment of the best cat toys with examples. The right toys can prevent boredom, encourage exercise, and provide a healthy outlet for their hunting instincts. When choosing toys for cats,

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