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Do Healthy Dogs Snore? A Vet Explains Snoring

Last Updated on 2 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett Do healthy dogs snore? Yes, they do. However snoring can also be the sign of an underlying health issue. Snoring happens when air flows past the relaxed tissues in your dog’s nose, mouth, or throat, making them vibrate and create that familiar rumbling sound. It’s a common occurrence not just in humans but in our furry friends as well. This vibratory noise can stem from several

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How to Properly Use Eye Wipes on Dogs

Last Updated on 2 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett Using eye wipes on your dog might seem simple, but there’s a right way to do it. We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring your furry friend’s eyes stay clean and healthy. Step-by-step guide First, gently wash your hands and then get the eye wipes ready. Hold your dog calmly to keep them still. Carefully wipe around each eye with a soft, smooth motion, starting from

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Black and brown cat smelling human hand

Cats’ Sense Of Smell, A Vet Explains (2024)

Last Updated on 2 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett Have you ever noticed your cat sniffing around and wondered just what they’re detecting? It’s no mystery to experts—cats have over 200 million odor sensors in their noses! Their sense of smell is far superior to ours. Key Takeaways Cats sense of smell Comparison to humans A cat’s world is rich with scents that shape their experiences. With over 200 million odor sensors in their noses,

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dog smelling rose

Can I Spray Perfume on my Dog? Vets Answer Fragrance Questions

Last Updated on 4 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett The short answer is No. As a veterinarian, I don’t recommend spraying perfume on your dog. Are there some scents that may be ok? Read on as we delve into the world of fragrances and your pet! With their incredible sense of smell, dogs and cats are far more sensitive to fragrances than we might realize. Key Takeaways The Harmful Effects of Fragrances on Dogs While

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Dogs’ Sense of Smell, A Vet Explains (2024)

Last Updated on 2 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett Have you ever wondered how your dog knows when it’s you walking up to the door, even before you turn the key? Dogs have an incredibly powerful sense of smell, capable of detecting odors we can’t even begin to imagine. Key Takeaways Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell, far exceeding that of humans. Their sense of smell is their main sense, allowing them to gather

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Dog and cat looking at each other

Dog And Cat Vision: Who Sees Better? Are they Colorblind? A Vet Explains (2023)

Last Updated on 4 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett Ever wondered why your furry friends react differently to their surroundings? You’re not alone. As a veterinarian, I am often asked if dogs are colorblind or if cats can see in the dark. These are common questions we have as pet owners. Ready to peek into your pet’s perspective? Let’s “see” through their eyes! The Unique Characteristics of Cat Vision A significant component responsible for a cat’s

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Anxious dog hiding under blanket

Anxiety in Dogs, A vet explains causes, signs, and Treatment 2023

Last Updated on 4 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett As a veterinarian, I have seen lots of dogs with anxiety. As a result, I have seen many owners anxious about their dog’s anxiety. If this is you, do not worry, you are not alone. This can range from shaking when they hear a loud noise to barking when you leave the house. It is upsetting for everyone (us as veterinarians and you as owners). Anxiety

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Eye Discharge in Dogs, Symptoms, Treatment, and Causes

Last Updated on 4 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett Many of our canine friends are plagued by pesky eye discharge, and I commonly see it in my patients. There are many causes, such as allergies, that over-the-counter medication may treat. However, other reasons require a trip to the vet, such as dry eye or Keratoconjunctivitis sicca( KCS). Let’s explore the most common causes of eye discharge in your dog and how to treat them so

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