How to Properly Use Eye Wipes on Dogs

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Last Updated on 3 weeks by Dr. Shannon Barrett

Using eye wipes on your dog might seem simple, but there’s a right way to do it. We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring your furry friend’s eyes stay clean and healthy.

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Step-by-step guide

First, gently wash your hands and then get the eye wipes ready. Hold your dog calmly to keep them still.

Carefully wipe around each eye with a soft, smooth motion, starting from the corner near the nose and moving outwards.

Make sure you don’t touch the eyeball directly with your hand or the wipes. Always use a fresh wipe for each eye to avoid contamination.

Next, lightly dab at any visible tear stains or debris near their eyes, avoiding rough materials that could irritate sensitive areas. It’s crucial not to overuse these wipes—too much cleaning can lead to irritation.

Moving on, let’s talk about tips for effectively cleaning your dog’s eyes..

Tips for effectively cleaning your dog’s eyes

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Always use a soft, clean washcloth or specially designed pet-safe wipes.

It’s crucial to choose products with dog-safe ingredients to avoid irritation. For those tricky tear stains, grab a commercial wipe crafted for this purpose.

Keep the fur around their eyes trimmed—this not only prevents tear stains but also makes the cleaning process easier. When tackling eye boogers, opt for reputable saline solutions and use gauze or cotton balls.

Remember to consult with your vet about appropriate cleaning solutions to ensures they are safe to be used around the eyes.

Recommended frequency for use

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For everyday maintenance and keeping tear stains at bay, using eye wipes daily is best. I see many clients feel that the eye wipes are not working but they are only use them once a week or less.

Daily use is needed to help with tear stains. Make sure any wipe you choose is gentle enough for daily use.

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The importance of regularly cleaning your dog’s eyes

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Dogs with tear staining often have an underlying condition such as extra lashes or blocked tear ducts.

Here is an article I’ve written about Common Causes of Eye Discharge in Dogs.

Cleaning also stops moisture from gathering around the eyes, which can cause bad smells and more serious problems down the line. By using dog-specific eye wipes, you can gently remove any foreign particles.

Recommendations for choosing the best eye wipes for dogs

We always look for high-quality brands with safe ingredients. This step is crucial for protecting our furry friends’ eyes. Brands like Bausch + Lomb are highly recommended.

They’re made with dog safety in mind, ensuring gentle but effective cleaning.

It’s important to follow the directions closely to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Proper eye care for overall health and well-being of your dog.

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Keeping your dog’s eyes clean is a vital part of their overall health. Healthy eyes should be clear, bright, and free from any dirt or discharge. Regular checks will help you catch any signs of discomfort or infection early on.

We understand that most dogs don’t need daily eye care under normal conditions. However our Bulldog friends and other brachycephalic breeds often have tear staining.

These simple steps contribute to keeping their vision sharp and their eyes sparkling through the years.

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