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8 Best Overnight Pet Sitting Services 2023

Last Updated on 2 weeks by Dr. Shannon Barrett Finding a good pet nanny can be very hard. As a veterinarian, my clients are always asking where they can find a pet sitter for their pets when they travel.  Therefore I’ve outlined several resources to help you find your next pet sitter. This site only contains items I love and highly recommend.  It is reader supported and contains affiliate links.  Read more What are the best

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How to Help Your Dog Loose Weight, Tips from a Vet

Last Updated on 2 weeks by Dr. Shannon Barrett Are you having trouble getting your dog to loose weight?  Don’t worry! There should be a weight watchers support group for pet owners with obese dogs.  Obesity in pets is a major health concern. Just as with people, canine obesity can lead to serious health problems. Diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis and heart disease are just a few of the problems that we see in our “robust” pets.

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You CAN Teach Owners New Tricks

Last Updated on 2 weeks by Dr. Shannon Barrett What’s the secret to a well-behaved dog? The answer has been in front of you all along!As school resumes, your children are not the only ones that benefit from education. Although “Sit”, “Stay”, “Come” may seem elementary training for your dog to know, it’s amazing how many dogs I encounter that have trouble with these basic commands. All dogs want to please their owners but often

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Wet Dogs and Hot Spots

Last Updated on 2 weeks by Dr. Shannon Barrett Beach, swimming and waves, oh my! That sounds like a great summer for you, but what about your dog? Luckily, these are all activities that you can both enjoy as long as appropriate precautions are taken. Taking your dog to the beach can be one of the best parts of summer for you and your furry friend. Letting them go for a swim is a great

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