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German Shepherds, Everything Vets Want You to Know

Last Updated on 2 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett As a vet, I love German Shepherds and I myself am a proud Shepherd owner.   As a pet parent, it’s fascinating to know about their history and special characteristics unique to German Shepherds.   German Shepherds aren’t just ordinary dogs, they have a rich history that adds to their charm. Where were German Shepherds Originally Bred?  These intelligent dogs originated in Germany in 1899.  Initially, they helped

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Unveiling the Secrets of Border Collies: What Vets Want You to Know

Last Updated on 4 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett We’ve all seen the adorable black and white Border Collie helping herd sheep on TV.   Perhaps your neighbor has one, and you thought, “Maybe a Border Collie would be a great fit for me?” As a vet, there are certain things we think about when an owner asks us about Border Collies. Although each dog is unique, they share some fundamental characteristics.   Let’s dive into what

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