5 Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs: Vet’s Top Choices

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Last Updated on 2 weeks by Dr. Shannon Barrett

As a large dog owner and veterinarian, I have evaluated countless dog beds over the years.

Here are my top choices:

  1. Big Barker Orthopedic Bed
  2. Furhaven Plush Orthopedic Sofa
  3. Largpets Orthopedic XXL Dog Bed
  4. Majestic Pet Calming Donut Bed
  5. Fiocco Chew-Proof Elevated Bed

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Top Picks for Large Dog Beds

Choosing the right bed is essential for your large dog’s comfort and health. Large breeds require beds that provide ample space, support, and durability.

Big Barker Orthopedic Bed

4.7 Stars (5,992 Reviews)

Best Bed for Large Dogs

The Big Barker Bed is our favorite. This company has reputation for making premier dog beds that last.

If you want your large dog to rest in comfort while supporting their joints, the Big Barker Orthopedic Bed is our top choice.

  • Designed specifically for large breeds.
  • Clinical data suggests it can reduce joint pain and improve mobility in dogs.
  • Comes with a machine-washable cover
  • The large size may not be suitable for smaller living spaces.
  • Limited color options available
  • Higher price point compared to other dog beds on the market.

This bed boasts clinical backing for its capacity to alleviate joint pain and enhance mobility in dogs. This is particularly crucial for aging pets or those with existing joint issues.

The Big Barker bed has a washable microsuede cover can be swiftly removed and cleaned.

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Furhaven Plush Orthopedic Sofa

4.5 Stars (43,745 Reviews)

Best Bolstered Dog Bed

If cozy comfort for your large dog is your top priority, this dog bed is a top choice for optimal joint support and restful sleep.

  • Luxuriously soft sleeping surface
  • Supportive orthopedic foam
  • Machine washable cover
  • Not suitable for chewers
  • Limited color variety
  • Foam care requires extra effort

This bed’s bolstered edges create a sense of security for your pet and give ample head and neck support. Whether it’s a cozy nook for burrowing or a pillow for lounging, your dog can find their perfect spot with ease. Keeping this bed clean is straightforward with its removable cover, which you can throw into the washing machine.

It’s worth noting this bed may not be the best choice for dogs that have a habit of chewing and destroying their beds. If your dog tends to chew up beds, you might need to consider more durable alternatives.

Largpets Orthopedic XXL Dog Bed

4.8 Stars (26 Reviews)

Best Sloped Design

This is our favorite sloped bed for large dogs.

  • Gradual slope aids in accessibility for older dogs
  • Contoured design provides exceptional body support
  • Generous dimensions accommodate even the largest breeds
  • May be too large for some living spaces
  • Initial adjustment period for pets to get used to the slope

The curved bolster is another highlight, providing targeted support that conforms to your dog’s body. The memory foam core is there to support their weight and relieve pressure points effectively.

The waterproof cover is removable and machine washable. Additionally, the non-slip bottom ensures the bed stays in place, providing a secure platform for your pet’s rest and play.

Majestic Pet Calming Donut Bed

4.6 Stars (Over 3,600 Reviews)

Best Calming Bed

Animals are more calm when they feel swaddled. That’s the idea behind donut-shaped “calming” beds.

  • The donut shape allows your dog to feel swaddled and relaxed
  • Premium high loft polyester fill for exceptional comfort
  • Machine-washable and water-resistant
  • Stitching may need inspection upon arrival
  • Not ideal for chewers or excessively rough dogs

This dog bed’s water-resistant base is a thoughtful feature, safeguarding your floors from any spills or accidents. When the bed does get dirty, you can put it in the washing machine.

This bed also has supportive bolsters, allowing your dog to rest their head at an optimal angle for spine health.

Fiocco Chew-Proof Elevated Bed

4.8 Stars (33 Reviews)

Best Elevated Bed

Elevated dog beds are great for dogs that want to have a bed outside. I keep one on the screened porch for my shepherd.

They are also helpful for dogs that tend to chew plush beds.

  • Chew-resistant mesh fabric for durability
  • Easy-to-clean, washable design offers convenience
  • Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Assembly required, may be challenging for some
  • Less cushiony than traditional padded beds
  • Potential for decreased stability on uneven surfaces

The sturdy construction promises longevity, holding up to 200 pounds without buckling.

While the open mesh fabric stands up against chewers, it may not offer the plush comfort some dogs prefer, particularly those with arthritis or other sensitivities.

Why Do Dogs Need a Dog Bed?

A research study was conducted with beagles to see if they had a bed preference. According to the study, elderly dogs intensively used the beds provided, especially at night, and rarely slept on the floor.

The study also showed that the dogs had a preference for soft bedding. This is not a surprising revelation but does confirm that we should provide our canine friends with a soft bed to rest, especially at night.

Dogs, much like humans, value their own space for relaxation and sleep. A well-chosen dog bed provides support for your pet’s joints and pressure points, helping to ensure restful sleep and improved overall health. For large dogs, it’s particularly important to find a bed that can accommodate their size and weight without sacrificing comfort or durability.

When selecting a dog bed, it is critical to consider the size of the bed in relation to your dog’s size, ensuring enough room for them to stretch out.

Additionally, take into account the quality and density of the filling material to support joint health, and opt for non-toxic fabrics, especially if your dog is prone to chewing. Finally, check for beds with water-resistant or waterproof covers to protect against accidents and make cleaning easier.

Buying Guide

Size and Comfort

Large dogs require enough space to stretch out and rest. Ensure the bed you choose is adequately sized for your dog’s length and weight. If your dog has joint issues or arthritis, look for beds that offer thick, supportive padding

  • Dimensions: Check product descriptions for the length and width.
  • Padding: Aim for a minimum thickness of 3-4 inches.

Durability and Materials

For large breeds, durability is key to withstand wear and tear. High-quality, tough fabrics such as canvas or denim resist chewing and digging. Additionally, consider beds with removable, machine washable covers for easy cleaning.

  • Fabric: Opt for heavy-duty materials.
  • Maintenance: Look for machine washable options.

Supportive Features

Large dogs benefit greatly from extra support for their joints. Memory foam or orthopedic dog beds can provide additional comfort.

  • Fill Material: Memory foam or orthopedic-grade.
  • Support: Evaluate the firmness and support level.

Safety and Non-Skid Bottoms

Safety is often overlooked but it’s essential for preventing slipping and accidents. Check for non-skid bottoms, especially if the bed will be placed on hard flooring.

  • Base Material: Ensure it has a non-slip bottom.
  • Placement: Consider where the bed will be located in your home.

Temperature Control

Some large dogs have thicker coats and may overheat easily, while others might get cold. Pay attention to the climate your dog is most comfortable in and choose accordingly.

  • Material: Mesh fabric for hot climates, plush fabric for cooler environments.
  • Breathability: Assess the bed’s breathability and insulation properties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s

Which dog beds provide the best support for large dogs with arthritis?

Orthopedic memory foam beds offer excellent support for large dogs with arthritis. These beds distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure on joints, crucial for mitigating discomfort in arthritic dogs.

How do I choose the right size bed for a dog weighing over 100 pounds?

Ensure the bed is large enough so that your dog can lie flat, stretch out, and turn around comfortably. Beds labeled as ‘XL’ or ‘Jumbo’ typically accommodate dogs over 100 pounds. Check the dimensions provided by the manufacturer against your dog’s length from nose to tail.

What are the benefits of a raised dog bed for a large dog?

Raised dog beds promote air circulation, which helps your dog stay cool. Raised beds are often more durable and harder for large dogs to chew through.

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