Scout Pocket Rocket Tote Bag

Scout bags are one of my longtime favorites. I’ve used these for years as beach bags, totes, and carry-ons for travel.

I also use them in my everyday veterinary practice to carry my portable printer and many veterinary products.

When I’m going on a trip and want to minimize what I take with me, I use one of these totes as my carry-on, and then when I get to my beach destination, it doubles as my beach bag. I also love using them as a market tote when hitting a farmers’ market or festival.

The durability is excellent. I can attest to this; I put my bags through a lot! My bags must stand up to dog paws, kitty nails, and being dragged to multiple locations in one day.



If you are looking for a stylish bag with a secret life as a tote bag, market tote, and beach bag, enter the Scout Pocket Rocket Tote Bag! 

Why I Like Them:

  • The fabric makes them easy to wipe clean if they get dirty.
  • This bag has many pockets outside for water bottles, sunglasses, and anything else you need to grab quickly.
  • The top zippers close, which helps keep all my contents enclosed when I travel.
  • They also come in fantastic prints.
  • The Pocket Rocket has a zipper on the top, so it works great as a carry-on. I can slide it under the seat in front of me and not worry about anything in the big middle pouch falling out. If it’s not durable, I’m not going to recommend it. I’m not going to use it.

Dimensions: 15 inches wide, 14.5 inches high, 5 inches deep