Best Dog and Cat Cones (E-Collars) According to Vets (2024)

Dog with E collar

Last Updated on 6 months by Dr. Shannon Barrett

Looking for the best dog or cat cone (E-Collar) to protect your pet’s injury?

Have they recently had surgery and now need to wear the cone of shame?

Veterinarians have spoken! In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top E-collars according to vets, as well as their pros and cons. Keep your furry friend safe and comfortable with the right E-collar for them. Keep reading to learn more about each one!

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Here are our favorites:

  1. The original Comfy Cone 
  2. KVP Calmer Pet Recovery Collar
  3. Kong Cloud Collar
  4. Dog Recovery Suit

The Original Comfy Cone by All Four Paws

dog wearing a comfy cone black e collar

One of the most respected soft E-collars on market. The Comfy cone has been trusted for years.


  • Soft E collar with foam inserts so allows for structure without hard plastic
  • Water resistant and easy to clean
  • Made with a thick, opaque material so even cat claws will not ruin the collar
Most Versatile
The Original Comfy Cone

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03/11/2024 03:23 am GMT

KVP Calmer Pet Recovery Collar

blue and green E collar for dogs

This is a great cone for those dogs with longer snouts but will work for dogs of all sizes.  The material is not as stiff as the comfy cone but still durable.


  • Has a blue inner lining to help keep pets calm
  • Velcro straps make it easy to size and take on and off
  • Machine washable
Great for Long Snouts
KVP Calmer Pet Recovery Collar
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03/11/2024 08:28 am GMT

Kong Cloud Collar

jack russell terrier wearing blue donut collar for dogs

This is a great alternative to a standard E collar.  This is the best donut collar I have found for both dogs and cats.

It sits comfortably around your pets neck but limits their neck movement so they cannot reach certain body parts.


  • Does not interfere with your pets vision
  • Your cat or dog can still eat and drink with ease while wearing this collar
  • Please note that this collar may not work for all wounds or surgery sites. Ensure your pet cannot reach their surgery site with this collar.
Best Non-Traditional Cone
KONG Cloud Collar

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03/11/2024 04:02 am GMT

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Dog Recovery Suit

If you are looking for an alternative to an E-collar, you can consider a pet recovery suit.  These suits are similar to a baby onsie and work well for pets with abdominal incisions/wounds. Not to mention, they are pretty cute! 


  • Effective alternative to E collars for abdominal wounds
  • High-elastic fabric: four-way stretch fabric, hand washable
  • Comes in several sizes and colors
Best Alternative to Cones
Dog Recovery Suit

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03/11/2024 09:31 am GMT

Once you have decided on the right E-collar for your pet, make sure you choose the correct size and know your E-collar basics!

How do you measure your pet for a cone (E-collar)?

1) Measure the circumference of your pets neck. Use a soft flexible tape measure to measure their neck. If possible, use a tape measure that has both inches and centimeters as some E-Collars use inches while others use centimeters.

You can also use your dog’s existing collar as a guide. Make sure that you can fit 2 fingers under their collar (or your measurement) so that the E-collar will fit comfortably.

2) Next, measure the length between your pets neck and the tip of their nose. Then add 1-2″ depending on your dog and the location of their injury.

This is a crucial measurement because the cone must extend past their nose to prevent them from licking.

If you are deciding between 2 sizes, choose the larger size if it will extend the length of the E-collar.

How Long Does My Dog or Cat Need to Wear the Cone (E-collar)?

This depends on the reason for wearing the E-collar.

For most spays and neuters, they should wear the cone for 10-14 days.

To prevent licking a simple wound, usually 10 days or until the sutures are removed
Other times will vary depending on the situation

What Can I Do With the E-Collar after My Pet is Done Using It?

Dog E-collar
Photo courtesy Humane Rescue Alliance

The information in this article is for general purposes only and is not a substitute for advice from your veterinarian. Any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk.

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