Fluff & Tuff Rocket The Raccoon

Introducing Rocket the Raccoon, your pup’s new plush partner in crime, measuring an impressive 12″ for maximum fun. Made with Fluff & Tuff’s signature ultra-plush fabric and reinforced with a durable Tuffweb mesh liner, Rocket is built for both cuddles and spirited play.

His seams are expertly concealed and double stitched, filled with non-toxic polyfill for the perfect playtime shape, while embroidered eyes add a touch of safety to his mischievous charm. Remember, Rocket is designed for play, not destruction, so always supervise your dog’s adventures with their new raccoon buddy.


Meet Rocket the Raccoon: the not-so-stealthy midnight marauder turned fluffy friend for your canine!

Standing at a majestic 12 inches in length, Rocket isn’t your average backyard bandit. Crafted with the canine elite in mind, he boasts an ultra-plush outer fabric that’s softer than a squirrel’s underbelly, yet equipped with a thick, durable Tuffweb mesh liner that’s tough enough to handle your pup’s version of “gentle play.”

Rocket comes with all his seams sneakily concealed, generously folded, and double stitched, making him the Fort Knox of the plush toy world. Inside this luxurious exterior, we’ve strategically placed non-toxic polyfill to achieve that perfect squish-to-toughness ratio, ensuring your dog finds the ultimate balance between cuddle buddy and durable playmate.

But don’t let his soft exterior fool you; Rocket’s eyes are embroidered, offering a safe and chew-proof gaze that’s always watching, ensuring the fun never ends in tragedy. It’s important to remember, though, that while Rocket might seem indestructible in the face of drool and enthusiastic paw-handling, he’s a play toy, not a chew toy. His mission is to provide your furry friend with hours of entertainment, not a test of his fabric’s tensile strength.

So, whether your dog’s idea of a good time involves a high-speed chase around the living room or a snuggle fest on the couch, Rocket the Raccoon is ready to blast off into your dog’s heart. Just remember to supervise their intergalactic adventures; after all, every astronaut needs a mission control.